Is It Worth It to Use Video for My Real Estate Marketing?

video real estate marketing

So you're asking yourself if it's really worth it to use video for your real estate marketing. You have surely sold homes using only photos so you know that works and that quality photos are a necessity. More and more consumers in this day and age are preferring to do their research online, especially for major purchases. People want to know that the product they are buying is going to meet their needs. They look at reviews, watch product videos, and read descriptions.... nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money and be unhappy with their new purchase. 

For most people, buying a home is going to be the largest purchase of their life. They are really going to do their research. They are going to be looking at several listings to figure what they like and don't like. Once they have an idea of what they want, the buyer will start to narrow down their search to a few listings that they want to look at in person and will contact the realtor. This is the part of the process where a high quality listing will attract the right buyer. 

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and there are about 30 pictures in one second of video... you do the math. Moral of the story: video is a much more effective form of communication.


An effective home tour video will showcase features in way that gives the buyer a better feel for the home than pictures will. This will save both you and your clients a lot of time because only the most interested buyers will request a showing. Would you rather show a home to 20 sort-of interested buyers.... or 5 very interested buyers? Who is more likely to make an offer? The answers are obvious. 

High quality professional real estate videos are beautiful. People who are in the market to buy a home appreciate the extra effort the realtor puts into making their home shopping experience more enjoyable.


Video definitely costs more that photos. Since marketing costs are generally covered by the listing agent, paying for a video tour of a 1,000 square foot rambler would really cut into your commission and probably doesn't make sense. We recommend investing in a real estate video for homes priced at $500,000 and above. You can find our pricing here

So... is it worth it?

There's no question that a real estate video is a more effective medium to help home buyers in their research phase. If you're looking for more interested buyers, and you have room in your marketing budget, a video is definitely the way to go.