How Long Should My Real Estate Video Be?

So you just got done filming a home and now you’re wondering how long your real estate video should be. Well that depends on a few things, but the general rule is to keep it between 2-6 minutes. If it’s a larger home with a lot of attractive features, you’re probably going to want a video closer to 6 minutes in length. If there isn't a lot to show, but still want to attract potential buyers using video, it'll most likely be closer to 2 minutes long. 

Main Objective of Making a Real Estate Video

real estate video length

The main reason you're putting in the effort to produce a real estate video is to make the process of finding the right buyer more efficient. Video can communicate much more effectively than photos, so the people who view the listing will be more educated and you'll be getting more qualified leads. Wouldn't you rather show a home to 3 very interested buyers instead of 15 people who are still just kind of shopping around? 

Home Size and Features

Generally, the bigger the home, the more there is to see. It isn't usually the case, but I've seen some huge homes that are very simple and don't have very many interesting features. For example, we filmed a home tour a couple weeks ago for a house that is around 8,200 square feet but the original homeowners decided to build a whole bunch of average-sized bedrooms that weren't individually very intriguing. The video for that home ended up being just under 3 minutes. It had a great theater room and home office but just not a lot of features that people would want to watch for very long. Which leads me to my next point...

Attention Span

It seems like attention spans these days keeping getting shorter and shorter. If you spend a minute on each of the 9 bedrooms instead of just showcasing one or two and moving on, the potential home buyer is going to get bored and move on to the next listing. If you want to find the most qualified leads, you need to keep their attention long enough to generate real interest in the home. Also, if you grab their attention within the first few seconds, they will be much more likely to watch the whole video.

Social Media Sharing

You probably have a few social media platforms that you use for your real estate marketing efforts. Since people are usually just scrolling through their news feeds looking for something interesting, a short 30 second to 1 minute video could be very effective... something that grabs their attention just enough to make them click on a link to learn more. Once you have the regular home tour version made, you should consider making a very short 'best features only' video to share on your social media platforms.

Out-Of-State Buyers

One big advantage of using video to sell your homes, is it's appeal to people living out of state. They will most likely prefer to narrow down their home search as much as possible before they travel to look a houses in person. If you happen to have an out-of-state client, a longer video might be the way to go. It will give them a better feel of the home and it's features which will help them feel more comfortable to schedule a showing. 

So How Long Should My Video Be?

As you can see, there are several factors you should take into account when you're deciding how long to make your real estate video. It doesn't hurt to play around a little bit with different video lengths to see what gets more attention. There isn't a magic number of seconds your video should be, but hopefully these guidelines help you when you're making editing decisions.